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Bus Stations

SAFE is leader in the field of design and production of solutions for bus.

Most of the mayor European bus fleets at the moment rely on SAFE technology for the refueling of their fleets.

Among the Companies that trusted our experience: 

  • Gaz de France (France)
  • Gas Natural (Spain)
  • Desfa (Greece)

In consideration of the specific operational needs of the site, like number of vehicles, available room, available time for refueling, there are different solutions that may be used to best suit the performance of the refueling station to the fleet requirement.

The bus stations architectures can be divided in three main configurations: 

• Fast Filling Station

A bus station fast filling system is composed by a high capacity compressor and a corresponding storage whose volume is dimensioned in order to minimize compressor start/stops between one bus filling and the following one. The bus dispenser is designed for provision of a fast filling speed that may go as high as 200 Scm in 3 minutes depending on bus cylinder residual pressure.

• Sequential Filling Station

The basic concept of sequential filling is based on a slow filling scheme where bus parking time is transformed into useful gas filling time with a sequential filling process respectful of bus entrance sequence into the station parking lot. The sequence is managed by an automation system that receivs the information of bus arrivals by means of the dispensers, card readers or by other sensors. As a standard vehicles are refueled according to arrival sequence.

• Slow Filling Station

In this architecture all the vehicles to be refuelled are connected to the dispensers and are loaded at the same time.
The refuelling process happens as a single refuelling of a tank whose volume is equal to the sum of the volumes of the buses connected to the refuelling station.

Examples of Bus Station with SAFE compressors:

Fast Filling Stations

Athens (Greece)
Barcelona (Spain)
Paris (France)

Sequential Filling Stations

Bolzano (Italy)
Valance (France)
Treviso (Italy)

Slow Filling Stations

Madrid (Spain)
Besancon (France)
Montpellier (France)

Overview of different kinds of stations and references of SAFE products applications.  

Public Station

Bus Stations

Mother & Daughter Stations

Private Fleets

Mobile Stations

Other Types

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