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Mother & Daughter Stations

Where gas pipelines are not present, CNG is delivered continuously through a network of stations not connected to pipelines (called Daughter Stations).

CNG trailers are filled in a fast CNG station (called Mother Station) preferably connected to a high pressure pipeline.

Typically a Mother Station is equipped with one or more high capacity compressors according to the gas volume to be supplied and to the required maximum filling time.

The advantages are:

  • strong price / performance ratio
  • low enviromental pollution
  • to reach remote and/or isolated places, where the construction of a pipeline or a fixed distribution system would not be possible

SAFE has manufactured mother
stations with installed
power up to 800 kW.

Daughter Stations: maximum re-compression efficiency

In the daughter station gas is delivered to vehicles by means of a compressor connected directly to the trailer or to a local storage.

SAFE have solution for high efficiency of daughter station by using different type of compressors: 

  • Hydraulic compressor “B” series – one hydraulic compressor, with a maximum installed power of 37 kW, is suitable for 2 double nozzle dispensers
  • Mechanical compressor - ST compressor series are used where very high capacity is required (suitable to fill up to 4 double nozzle dispensers) and/or when in the future, the connection to the pipeline is forseen

Hydraulic compressor or mechanical booster compressor can be equipped with gas driver instead of electric motor suitable to be install on the trailer. In this configuration, with one or more filling point integrated in the same compressor enclosure or in a compact tailer-made dispenser, a mobile station achieved.

Main features:

  • Wide inlet pressure: from 250 to 10 bar
  • Complete package compressor
  • Simple to transfer in other place to expand the CNG network

The results are:

  • High efficiency
  • Minimum requirements for installed electric power
  • Simple and compact station layout
  • High reliability
  • Cost efficient solution

Daughter Station in China

Overview of different kinds of stations and references of SAFE products applications.  

Public Station

Bus Stations

Mother & Daughter Stations

Private Fleets

Mobile Stations

Other Types

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