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Gas control units: Gas Control point (GCP), cabinet-type gas control point (CGCP)

The gas control points made by INTRA are designed for input pressure reduction to required value, automatic control of set output pressure value irrespective of gas flow rate and input pressure variation, automatic gas supply shut off in case of emergency high or low level output pressure, gas purification from mechanical impurities.

CGCP is a metal cabinet with heat insulation (optionally with heating) with process equipment installed inside it.

GCP is arranged as follows:

  • output ball valve
  • gas purification and metering line
  • bypass gas purification and metering line
  • main gas pressure reduction line (gas control unit with built-in Safety shutdown valve (SDV)) 
  • back-up gas pressure reduction line (gas control unit with built-in SDV) 
  • safety relief valve 
  • ball valves at output of main and back-up gas pressure reduction lines.

There is valve equipped with pressure gauge to control the output pressure, the valve with head flow meter to control pressure is provided at the output line.

Different arrangements of gas control points are available depending on initial data and customer’s requirements.

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