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Gas flow limit control unit

The modular unit for automatic control and regulation of gas parameters (MUACRG) is the system regulating the gas flow rate and pressure, and can be used also to limit the gas supply. The unit is suitable for natural gas and any non-aggressive gases. The control and regulation is performed by Station Automation system RMG SCS 2010 based on Siemens Simatic S7. The different models of gas flow limit control units with various capacities are produced depending on the intended use of the unit.

The standard unit includes:

  • Valves
  • Gas flow control valve (RMG 512, RMG530)
  • Automatic control system (SCS 2010, HS 900)
  • Gas meter (any type)
  • Gas volume corrector (any type)
  • Communication gates for the unit control system communication with supplier’s operator room.
  • The upper level systems for gas supplier’s operator rooms.
  • Pressure gauges
  • Temperature detector

The control of gas flow limit control unit can be performed from control console located at the station, as well as from the central control room of gas supplier.


Structural plan of Gas flow limit control unit


The Gas flow limit control unit structural scheme

Is based on:

  • RMG 512 regulator
  • Gas meter of turbine type TRZ 03,
  • Gas volume corrector ERZ2000,
  • Control system SCS2010


The GFLCU “Kingissep” is made based on pressure and gas flow regulator RMG 530 with electric drive and automatic control system SCS 2010 made by “RMG Regel+Messtechnik GmbH” company, Germany


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