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Nodal solutions: Pressure reduction unit, filtration unit, unit of relief valves

The wide range of applied equipment makes INTRA able to offer any process solution for gas industry.

Master list of units manufactured:

  • Gas filtration units
  • Gas heating units
  • Gas quantity and quality control units
  • Gas pressure reducing units
  • Relief valves units
  • Gas odorizing units
  • Heating facility units (unit heater)

Unit may consist of a main equipment component (filter, heater, regulator, SDV, PSV and etc.) or a combination of several main equipment components, pipelines, valves, impulse lines, instrumentation and controls. Several units may be integrated into the complex facility. Units can be installed in block-boxes or on the support frames.

Wide range of equipment used for nodal solutions provides the following advantages:

  • High performabce
  • High degree of treatment
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Easy and handy control



Gas pressure reduction units

Reduction units, manufactured by INTRA, are intended for reduction and continuous automatic control of output gas pressure at set level, irrespective of changes in the gas flow rate and input pressure, automatic shutdown of gas supply in case the output pressure level exceeds the set levels. Besides, the reduction unit, depending on the regulator model, can manage the upstream gas pressure at the set level.

The gas pressure reduction units can be used for natural gas and any non-aggressive gases. The different models of units with various capacities are produced depending on the intended use of the unit.

The gas reduction units can be operated remotely and locally. Units can be mounted on support frames or in block-boxes.

The list of main equipment that can be included in the gas reduction unit:

  1. gas filter;
  2. gas pressure regulator;
  3. safety isolation device;
  4. impulse gas heater;
  5. safety relief valve;
  6. valves;
  7. Instrumentation and controls

The different designs of gas reduction units are available depending on requirements. The pilot-type and unpiloted gas pressure regulators, gas flow control valves with electric drives can be used as final control element.

The protection from over pressure/pressure drop can be provided by safety relief valves, safety shutdown valves, circuits with two regulators (monitor-active), valves with electric drives.

The automation systems SCS 2010, SCS 2500 based on Siemens controller or automation system HC 900 based on Honeywell controller can be used to control the gas pressure reduction units.

The equipment used in the system is designed to work within the wide range of pressures and gas flow rates, and thus, there is no need to arrange additional units for lower gas flow rates.

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