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Gas treatment units

"RMG RUS" offers the various models of GTUs with various capacities to condition gas prior to supply it to the customers in required quantity with required pressure, degree of purity and measured physical and chemical parameters. GTUs match the needs of any large-scale power consumer. 

The process equipment of GTU ensures the following:

  • Reduction of gas pressure to set value and automatic pressure control at the required level
  • High degree of gas purity with elimination of liquid fractions and automatic discharge of condensate
  • Automatic control of GTU output gas temperature at the set level
  • Commercial gas flow rate metering with possibility of measuring the qualitative parameters of natural gas using gas chromatographers and gas calorimeters. 

The GTU process scheme is performed using 50% and 100% redundancy for main process equipment, equipped with manual valves and valves that can be operated remotely or in automatic process control mode. GTU automation ensures high safety level for all equipment.

GTU includes:

  • Gas treatment unit (with automatic condensate discharge)
  • Gas heating unit (with heater unit)
  • Gas pressure reduction unit
  • Commercial gas flow rate metering unit
  • Qualitative parameters metering unit
  • Safety relief valves unit
  • Reduction and metering of gas flow for own needs.
  • Gas odorizing unit (with automatic correction of odorizer input volume)
  • Instrumentation and control tools unit (with operator unit)

The use of RMG by Honeywell equipment ensures the high reliability and safety of modular RMG RUS's GTUs. 

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“NEFTEGAZ 2017” exhibition

 The company "RMG RUS", together with "the RMG Messtechnik", participated in the 16th International “NEFTEGAZ 2017” exhibition.

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 Happy International Women's Day March 8th

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