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Intra took part in KIOGE exhibition and conference

Intra took part in the 20th jubilee KIOGE international specialized exhibition and conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan, KBCC “Atakent”.
KIOGE is of almost the same age as the independent Kazakhstan. Since the fist time it was held in в 1993, KIOGE has become one of the major events for the country energy sector and an important platform to discuss topical issues of the oil and gas industry and have a dialogue with the national and international partners at both public and private level.

Within the official program of the Exhibition the Company presented its own AUTOMATIC GAS ODORIZING SYSTEM.

The automatic gas odorizing system is intended for automatic control of natural gas odorizing process and can be applied in gas-distribution stations, gas-distribution systems and industrial-scale installations.
System ensures the control of set concentration of odorizer in proportion to gas flow rate.

System includes:

The pneumatic panel with operating reservoir batches the odorizer into the pipeline using the pressure difference always existing between high and low pressure areas of gas distribution stations.

The pneumatic panel includes:

The back-up odorizing system (option) is turned on automatically in case of main system shutdown. The back-up system batches the odorizer into the pipeline of gas distribution station by manual control. The drop-type odorizing method is used for metered supply of odorizer.
The back-up odorizing system includes:

The electronic control unit performs the automatic control of pneumatic odorizing panel, displays the current process parameters, creates the data archive, where all the process parameters and personnel actions are recorded, and generates the alarm signal in case the parameter values exceed the set limits.
The electronic control unit includes:

The operator panel is based on fanless panel PC with 6.5” TFT LCD monitor. The operator panel is intended to set the gas odorizing process parameters, displaying them on the LCD monitor, storing the results in the electronic memory, data output to external data storage devices, emergency indication and generation of general alarm signal. The alarm signal is transmitted to teleautomatic remote controls via Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP/IP protocol.
The process panel control device is used to receive the commands from operator panel, get the data from transmitters and to control the pneumatic panel actuators.
The process panel control device is based on Programmable logic controller (PLC).
The electronic control unit based on initial data, entered by operator, calculates the required odorizer concentration according to current gas flow or set gas flow in manual mode. The measurement of actually injected odorizer is performed via flow sensor to the electronic control unit. The data archive can be recorded to memory module with USB interface.
The operating reservoir automatic filling system (optional) performs the odorizer supply from storage tank to the operating reservoir of the system.
The advantages of this odorizing system are: 

The following functions are available:

System technical characteristics:

 System technical characteristics:Rated capacity, (m3/hr) 500
 Input pressure, MPa  10,0
 Output pressure, MPa  1,6
 Power supply voltage 220V 50Hz
 Minimal interval between the technical maintenance operations, year 1  
 Service life at least, years 20 





10.10.2012 19:28
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