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Automatic control systems

Company "RMG RUS" offers integrated solutions for the creation of automatic control systems of varying complexity. At the moment, created and integrated the following basic types of automatic control systems (hereinafter - ACS):

  1. The automatic control unit gas reduction based on regulators RMG-512 or RMG-530;

  2. The automatic control system a gas treatment point / automated gas distribution station. 

The automatic control  for reduction unit   which based regulators RMG-512 or RMG-530 is a two-level multifunctional information systems operating in real time and intended for performance the following functions:

  • collecting data;

  • provision of data as operating personnel on-line trends;

  • ontrol executive mechanisms of regulators in manual and automatic modes for maintaining the output pressure the set values or to maintain a given gas flow.

The main advantage of this solution is a deep knowledge of the characteristics of the gas pressure regulators. Many years of experience in implementing this decision, as in the CIS and beyond. As a result, the most effective automatic software application of automatic control system for a particular type of controller. Generally these ACS are based on high programmable logic controllers, but may also be used, and hybrid controllers.

   The automatic control system of  the reduction unit  based on regulators RMG-530 AGDS "Adler".

Gas pressure regulators RMG-530 with various diameters electromotive DREHMO 
in the reduction unit  AGDS "Adler".


The automatic control system a gas treatment units (hereinafter - GTU) / automated gas distribution station (hereinafter - AGDS) is a two-level Multi-information-processing system that operates in real time and is designed to the following functions:

  • Switching between technological modes GTU / AGDS depending on process parameters through the control actions on the executive mechanisms, either automatically or a result of actions a technologist - operator, as well as visual inspection and reporting process values;

  • determination of emergencies on technology nodes by questioning the sensors connected to the system, analysis of the measured data and the transfer process to a safe condition by managers acting on the actuator. The safe condition of the process is a position actuating mechanisms and valves at which excluded or minimized the likelihood of dangerous situations;

  • data collection and provide operating personnel as mnemonic schemes, as well as on-line and historical archives and trends;

  • data in higher-level management by unified industrial protocols. 

The gas pressure regulator RMG-530 electric DREHMO  in the reduction unit GTU TPP-5.

The gas pressure regulator RMG-512, equipped with a control stage of the pilot of electric driver
and Human Machine Interface of the automatic control of gas reduction unit GDS "Kirishi".


Usually this type of ACS are based on high-performance programmable logic controller with the ability to backup the main hardware components of the complex, but may also be used with hybrid controllers redundancy option basic on the main components of technical means

To create any of these automatic control systems can be used various hardware manufacturers, such as Siemens (Germany), Honeywell (USA), Yokogawa (Japan) and others.

 Human Machine Interface the automatic control system of gas processing TPP "Polarnaya" at the HC900 Hybrid Controller and HMI Control Station 900.  

Primary converters, actuators and gas pressure regulators RMG-512, equipped with a control stage of the pilot with the electric drive, gas treatment unit TPP "Polarnaya".

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 The company "RMG RUS", together with "the RMG Messtechnik", participated in the 16th International “NEFTEGAZ 2017” exhibition.

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