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Gas chromatographs

Measuring the volumetric flow rate and volume of gas, reduced to standard conditions, perform an indirect method of dynamic measurement based on the measurement of flow rate and volume of the gas at operating conditions and reduced to standard conditions by using the processing of the measurement results. To bring the flow rate and gas volume at operating conditions to standard conditions using thermal characteristics (reduction of pressure and temperature) and physico-chemical parameters of gas (reduction of gas composition).

Analyzer of the quality of gas - gas chromatography is particularly relevant for the metering units installed in the field of gas, the main gas pipelines on the borders of the possible places after mixing gas from various fields, underground gas storage facilities and third-party suppliers.
Gas chromatography - species chromatography method for separating volatile components, wherein the mobile phase is an inert gas (carrier gas) flowing through the stationary phase with a large surface. The mobile phase is used, hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide. The carrier gas does not react with the stationary phase and the substances to be separated.

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“NEFTEGAZ 2017” exhibition

 The company "RMG RUS", together with "the RMG Messtechnik", participated in the 16th International “NEFTEGAZ 2017” exhibition.

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