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KSI - Heat exchangers

KSI is a heat exchanger for preheating of natural gas, town gas, air, propane and other not aggressive gases BEU according to TEMA Code, with bundle fully removable*.
Main features

  • Heating fluid: hot and superheated water, steam
  • Maximum working pressure: according to design conditions and code
  • On request: design conditions as required by rating of ANSI B16.5 standard
  • On request: same design pressure for both tube and shell side with shut off device, ball valves and pneumatic actuator
  • Maximum working temperature: 100°C (up to 250°C for superheated water and steam)
  • Gas nozzle connections ANSI 600-300
  • Water nozzle connections PN 16, ANSI 150 (ANSI 300 or 600 on request)
  • Screwed connections for condensate drain
  • Screwed connections for relief valve on top shell side
  • Flanged connection for relief valve on top shell side
  • Double connections for pre-heating of gas on pressure regulators pilot loop

Available Equipments (upon request)

  • Drain ball valves
  • Pressure gauge
  • Pressure switch
  • Safety valve on tube side
  • Safety valve on shell side
  • Air self-exhausting device
  • Inlet/outlet gas temperature gauge

*not for KS/0,5 

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