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SAFE dispensers are the most advanced and reliable dispensers of the world.
As all SAFE products, CNG dispensers are designed and built to operate continuously at peak capacity, while maintaining the highest levels of safety, reliability and accuracy.
More than 4500 Safe dispensers are installed at CNG filling stations worldwide.

SAFE's dispenser product range covers all kind of vehicles from daughter station dispensers for cylinder truck unloading to sequential filling multiple hose dispensers used for filling of dedicated vehicle fleets such as forklifts and similar.
They are available in configurations inclusive of temperature compensation or pressure control valve. The on board pressure transmitter also warrants maximum safety during refueling operations.

The main characteristics of SAFE dispensers are as following:

  • Single or double hose configuration
  • Mass flow meter, precision +/- 0,5%
  • High flow rate configurations up to 100 kg/min
  • Single, double and triple line configurations
  • Optional temperature compensation option
  • Optional interface for remote sales data collection
  • Availability of interfaces for connection to POS systems

dispenser model ESP22 


 The ESP family dispensers are widely used as standard "Quick Fill" dispensers for public and bus stations.


  • Standard flow version (up to 40kg/min); high flow versions (up to 100kg/min) available 
  • Frame in steel or stailness steel
  • Possibility to fill up to four vehicles at the same time with only one dispenser
  • Multiproduct dispenser for selfservice use or with pre-payment systems
  • Break away valves (optional)
  • Direct action electrovalves as standard; pneumatic versions available
  • Double sided display, LCD, LCD backlight and LED versions available
  • Communication with POS System available via serial SAFE protocol
  • Otional interface for remote sales data collection
  • Protocol converters for other communication protocols available (Proeda-Bica-Schenk-Tokheim-LON-Gilbarco-Er3)
  • W&M approved.

dispenser model ESP44
with four filling points


 Multiproduct technology with CNG and standard fuels is available


The ESV family dispensers are widely used as standard "Quick Fill" or "Slow Fill" dispensers for private (fleet) stations.


  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Simple use
  • Long operative life
  • Break away valves (optional)
  • Frame in steel
  • Manual and electronic versions
  • Electronic ESV dispenser with mass flow meter must be connected to a Fuel Manager

ESV10/1ep with Fuel Manager



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