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The gas dryer is used in order to ensure that dry gas is fed to the compressor inlet.
If gas is not dry this may result in moisture freezing in compressor discharge or in the dispensers. In extreme situations liquid water may enter within high pressure stages of the compressor causing serious damages.
Twin column regenerating dryers or single column absorption type dryers are used as standards. In twin columns systems hot gas is used to dry the wet column adsorption bed while the other column remains in operaton. Switching between the two columns may be manual or automatic.
Dryers may also be equipped with gas analysis systems for a continuous monitoring of gas moisture content that may be used for automatic operation management.

This regeneration system present the following vantage:

  • Absence of the regeneration blower and therefore absence of the typical problems related at this kind of equipment.
    In fact the blower on the dryers units is a motion machinery that is stressed from heat, molecular sieve dust, humidity and also you have to consider that a blower failure cause a complete system shut down.
  • Low power consumption and low electrical power installed than the typical dryer plant with blower. 
    The lower consumption is also due at a very efficient thermal exchange device directly installed inside the Vessels. In the dryers the heat is efficiently directly diffused inside to the adsorbent bed


Regenerating dryer type

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