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The SAFE storage is used for storing CNG at a pressure level higher than the pressure supplied by dispensers upon filling of on board vehicle. This pressure differential is used to easy CNG flow from cascades to dispensers during peak time filling at stations.
Storage cascades are available from SAFE in accordance with European PED standards, or according to other standards upon request.
The typical storage cascade system is divided into three banks: high, medium, and low. Any number of cascades can be connected together to increase storage capacity.
SAFE also supplies two bank or one bank storages according to customer requirements. 

SAFE manufactures and supplies a broad range of CNG storage banks such as:

  • One, two and three bank storages 
  • Horizontal or vertical storages
  • Condensate liquids drain equipped storages
  • Storage auxiliaries such as control and priority despatch panels, additional cooling systems, etc ...

horizontal cylinder pack

vertical cylinder pack


SAFE manufactures a particular storage called “Microstorage” specifically designed for automotive CNG storage required by public stations and private fleet dedicated stations. 

The safe s.r.l. microstorage is composed by the following components:

  • Metal frame closed structure
  • CNG bottles
  • Control panel enclosure complete of control and protection syst


capacity: 300 Nm3 @ 250bar

capacity: 600 Nm3 @ 250bar

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 The company "RMG RUS", together with "the RMG Messtechnik", participated in the 16th International “NEFTEGAZ 2017” exhibition.

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